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About African Seed Seed Bank. We are Africa’s Only Legit Cannabis Seed Bank Shipping Globally. We have all the famous African Sativa Strains and we sell more Sativa Cannabis Seeds than any other company. We are the leader’s in producing premium Malawai Gold Cannabis Seeds, Swazi Gold Cannabis Seeds, Durban Poison Cannabis Seeds and many other African Sativa Strains.


Have you ever had Blonde Lebanese Hashish? It’s actually grown with our old school Egyptian Sativa.

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African Seed Bank

The African seed bank. We have the best educated local seed breeders in all of Africa. They were trained on-site by our leading Dutch cannabis seed breeders in 1996-1997 and then kept up-to-date on the latest breeding techniques again in 2002-2003, 2009, 2014-2015. They have matched and sometime exceeded the skills of our Dutch breeders because they grow more strains in large outdoor gardens and they never quit their job like some Dutch breeders do. So they have precise skills for many strains and everyone know’s no one can grow a Sativa strain better than a local African breeder in Africa. They know when the rain will flood, how to space the plants , how to fight off local pests and even the corrupt authorities. Something European could never negotiate in the long-term.

So if you would like to grow sativa cannabis strains, you need to buy from the best African Seed Bank.

We look forward to any African Sativa Strain questions you may have.

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  • In business since 1999
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We look forward to your business, please shop from our Amsterdam Store. You can easily find African Sativa in our marijuana seeds catalogue.